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Meet the founder and speech-language pathologist

Susan Bahadori M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Susan Bahadori M.A., CCC-SLP is the founder of and primary speech-language pathologist for Portland Pediatric Speech Therapy.  Susan holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from and is a member of  the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She is licensed to practice speech-language therapy in the state of Maine. Please visit our About page to learn more about Susan's experience as a speech-language pathologist.

Susan founded Portland Pediatric Speech Therapy when it became apparent that there were not many accessible or mobile speech-language clinics in the Portland, Maine area.  She encountered many families who were desperate to provide their child with needed therapy but did not know where to begin.  She wanted to provide top-notch services to not only clients, but also their families in a setting that was most meaningful to the young people she worked with.

Portland Pediatric Speech Therapy aims to work collaboratively with families, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals to provide holistic and comprehensive treatment to its clients.  The "magic" that happens inside the therapy room must be shared in order for it to be effective once the child leaves the speech-language therapy session.  Our goal is to empower our clients and their families to have their voices heard! We are here to work with you and your child to achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes!

Portland Pediatric Speech Therapy believes in providing services when and where they are most needed.  For this reason, we have adopted a travel model so that we can come to your child, family, and/or school.  We provide services during and after-school hours (including some weekends) to ensure that your child receives the support he or she needs in the most effective manner.


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